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Best Cruise Deals: Online Cruise Merchants or "Brick and Mortar" Merchants!

Where do you shop for the best cruise deals - Online Merchants or "Brick and Mortar" (B&M) Merchants? Here's a list of 10 comparisons:

1. Online cruise vacation merchants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
B&M cruise merchants have only published hours.

2. Online merchants NEED to grab your attention - with the best discounted cruise pricing and best cruise deals online - right away.
B&M merchants can become complacent because they're "the only game in town".

3. With online merchants, you can discuss with your travel partner - in complete privacy - any concerns or decisions regarding your special cruise vacation.
B&M merchants are right in front of you while you try to discuss these issues.

4. Online merchant cruise specials information is available from the comfort of your own home.
B&M merchants may require a long drive in less than pleasant weather to get to their offices.

5. With online cruise merchants, you can get a number of comparative quotations for the best cruise deals online from the comfort of your home.
With B&M cruise merchants you may have to drive many miles to get another comparative quotation.

6. Online merchants are not trying to shift you to a "preferred" cruise or cruise line. You are setting the terms of your cruise quotation.
B&M merchants may try to persuade you into taking a cruise from a cruise line that is offering them incentives.

7. Online cruise vacation merchants are available at a whim - from the comfort of your home. No nasty weather can interfere… unless your webhost goes down ;-(
B&M merchants are only available on the schedule and may require miles of travel in inclement weather - then miles of travel back home.

8. Online, you can access information and pricing for virtually ANY cruise line.
B&M merchants may have access to only certain cruise lines.

9. Worried that your online cruise merchant will take your money and run? These merchants have much more to lose than B&M merchants in terms of reputation. The information highway of the web can be insurmountable in trying to hide a bad business.
How many times have you heard of a B&M merchant disappearing overnight? Then, to everyone's dismay, these can move "down the road a bit" and open up again.
** Now that's not to say that ALL online merchants are trustworthy nor are ALL B&M merchants untrustworthy. As with any purchase, it's "Buyer Beware". We have striven to provide some of the best available online cruise merchants to service your needs.

10. Don't like to use your credit card online? Consider that many banks are now allowing banking transactions to be completed online with security. Most online merchants have special security for online purchases. This is as safe as giving your credit card to any B&M merchant.
If you trust your B&M merchant, you will feel just as secure handing your credit card to them for processing.

No matter where you decide to shop for - and purchase - your cruise vacation, one thing is clear. You are in for a GREAT vacation experience!

Browse through some of the other informative cruise pages as indexed on our Articles Maps. To check out and compare the best cruise values, click on the merchant links on our main Discount Cruises page. Then book your cruise on-line and get excited!

If you have any questions regarding choosing the right cruise lines for your special vacation, drop us a note at info@a1-discount-cruises.com using the subject line "Questions".

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