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Many Caribbean cruises have a hidden intrigue - the Bermuda Triangle Location!

The interest in the Bermuda Triangle has been somewhat diminished as more and more travelers traverse the area. The Bermuda Triangle location is such that most cruise ships leaving the eastern seaboard of the United States heading for the Caribbean have to travel the triangle's waters.

Cruises to Bermuda itself seldom travel in the Bermuda Triangle waters. The Bermuda triangle location runs from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to the tip of Florida and back to Bermuda. This triangle encompasses the main cruise ship routes southward from virtually any port on the east coast of North America.

Many cruise ships to the Caribbean depart from eastern Florida port locations. All of these must cross at least a small tip of the Bermuda Triangle before they clear the triangle's location. Those ships heading to the Bahamas and other eastern Caribbean locations must travel in the Bermuda triangle's south westerly quadrant.

You will seldom - if ever - see cruise advertising that mention the Bermuda triangle or that the triangle's location is in the cruise itinerary's path. Perhaps the Bermuda Triangle has not lost all of its fearful interest or the cruise lines would advertise the triangle's location as part of the cruise route.

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