Barbados Weather and Beaches make for wonderful fun in the sun vacations!                


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Fabulous Barbados Weather and Beaches make the Barbados Island a fabulous cruise destination!

Barbados weather and beaches make this island paradise a very popular vacation spot and cruise destination. Barbados is one of the more developed - and British - of the Caribbean islands.

Being the most easterly of the Windward Islands, the island of Barbados is really sitting in the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 100 miles east of the string of island called the Lesser Antilles. On the east coast of Barbados one can feel the full strength of the mighty Atlantic. The west coast would find the more tranquil waters of the southern Caribbean where one can find luxurious homes and resorts.

Cruisers and shore vacationers alike find that Barbados is easily accessible from both land and sea. The fabulous Barbados weather and endless beaches seem to be designed to cater to southern Caribbean cruise ship passengers and shore vacationers alike. For this reason, Barbados is a great spot to extend a cruise either before or after your cruise.

Barbados Island is loaded with lots to see and do for both shore vacationers and cruise ship passengers with only limited shore excursion time. In fact, for cruisers, this may itself create a problem - so much to see… so little time!

A cruise vacation shore trip to Barbados on your fabulous southern Caribbean Cruise can include everything from a "pub-crawl" to an afternoon of tea and cricket. Vacationers in Barbados can experience an Atlantic beach, a Caribbean beach or an undersea scuba adventure.

Barbados Weather

Barbados has warm year round temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Nights are expectedly only slightly cooler. The prevailing northeast tradewinds blow fairly steadily across Barbados so that one is never unbearably hot. And relief from the humidity is only a plunge away in the nearby southern Caribbean.

Barbados rain usually comes in short bursts. The rainy season runs from June to November. However, a consecutive spell of overcast days on Barbados is quite rare according to the locals. Tropical rainstorms sometimes occur during the hurricane season of June to October. January to June is the dry season on Barbados.

There is sunshine for 8 to 10 hours every day on Barbados. That's a far cry from the reduced winter sun times in the more northern areas of the northern hemisphere.

Barbados Beaches

Barbados is a coral island with beaches made from the finely ground coral, making them a great cruise vacation shore experience. There are few beaches that are not fine grained white sand. In the wonderful Barbados weather, this makes for a warm soft beach experience, just perfect for your romantic cruise getaway!

All beaches in Barbados are open to the public. Properties fronting on the water own the land only to the high water mark, and some landowners must provide a public right-of-way across their land to the water.

There are no nude beaches in Barbados. Nudism is illegal on Barbados. The conservative British nature of the native Bajans (as they are called) finds undressing or seeing undressing happening quite uncomfortable.

Selling to tourists on the beach is regulated in Barbados. The beaches are regularly patrolled by police as vendors are not allowed to "set up shop out of a suitcase".

Generally speaking, the beaches on the west coast are the calmest. The calm waters and soft sandy bottom makes these beaches the best for vacationers who are looking for these traits.

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