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Alaskan Cruise Inside Passage vacations offer a very unique cruise experience!

Planning to take a cruise to Alaska? Most cruise lines marketing these once-in-a-lifetime vacations offer the Alaskan Cruise Inside Passage itinerary. These very special cruises are not like many other cruise destinations you may choose.

You will be traveling close to the Arctic Circle which creates a unique atmosphere in itself. Many of the other popular destinations are to warmer climates. Alaskan cruising in the Inside Passage on the other hand offers an opportunity to view breathtaking glaciers and possibly even ice bergs!

Cruising the Inside Passage also allows cruise guests to experience the diverse cultures of the area. Visit a Tlingit town and shop for original native art that one may never see again. At the next port you may experience a bit of Russian history from the area. The next port of call may be the capital city of Alaska, Juneau, with its Gold Rush atmosphere and wild frontier surrounding this part of the Alaskan Inside Passage. A stop in Vancouver or Victoria in British Columbia will provide a glimpse of the colonial or late Victorian era set in a sophisticated seaside city.

The scenery on a cruise through the Inside Passage to Alaska is absolutely breathtaking. You will enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the many glaciers. The glaciers in the Inside Passage are a magnificent backdrop to a pristine waterfall as its waters cascade to the sea. You will witness the untouched wilderness of the Alaskan and British Columbian coastlines.

The wilderness breathes life to the wildlife that inhabits the area along the Alaskan Inside Passage . A moose, a caribou, perhaps a bear - all or none may be witnessed as "Mother Nature" chooses. Watch for soaring eagles and waterfowl. Perhaps a passing humpback whale will grace you with his presence as he crests the briny sea!

Shore excursions add an even greater opportunity for Alaskan cruisers in the Inside Passage to experience the wonders of Alaska. Take a helicopter ride and land on a Glacier! Perhaps kayaking the fjords is more in tune with your dream cruise vacation. Study the diverse history of the Inside Passage in the many ports of call.

But most of all, relax and enjoy your fabulous Alaskan Cruise Inside Passage vacation. Book a stateroom with a deck and enjoy an exquisite glass of wine while watching the passing vistas in the seclusion of your "special private viewing place".

You will want to book early. The popularity of Alaskan Cruise Inside Passage vacations means that these cruises fill up quickly. If you have a fixed date for your cruise vacation, or a specific cruise line or ship, or even a preferred stateroom category, book now! You won't want to be disappointed!

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