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Alaska Inside Passage Cruises offer passengers breath-taking scenery, fantastic wildlife and a glimpse of history!

To take Alaska Inside Passage Cruises is like taking a number of different vacations all at one time.  Alaskan cruising is  not like many other cruises where the destinations may be the determining criteria for the cruise.

Alaskan cruises are all about the voyage.  You will travel from high tech suburban centers to history steeped towns, to native villages and all while passing the most spectacular scenery you can imagine.

This is even more prevalent in   Alaska Inside Passage Cruises.  Visiting such ports of call as Ketchikan, Juneau,  Skagway and Sitka, there is no single point that may be considered the destination point.  All are equally intriguing and form a part of the over-all Inside Passage experience.

Of course, so far, we have not even mentioned perhaps the most spectacular of all sights on this fabulous Alaskan cruise - the glaciers!  Breath-taking may be an understatement in describing these magnificent wonders of the Ice-Age.

Imagine sitting on board your cruise ship in the privacy of your own deck sipping on a glass of fine wine while experiencing one of the majestic walls of snow and ice "calving" into the sea.  Or perhaps a passing whale crests the water, allowing you a glimpse of his magnificence.  This is really Alaskan cruising at its best!

For the more adventuresome, excursions allow passengers to land on a glacier by helicopter, or kayak the waters of the Glacier filled fjords.

We have only mentioned the wildlife to this point.  You may see wonders of wildlife nature on the Inside Passage cruise that you will never see again.  Harbor Seals, humpback whales, sea otters and porpoises lead the way in the sea.  Meanwhile, Alaskan cruising may provide a glimpse on land of a bear, moose, or caribou while overhead eagles soar.

National Parks abound along the Inner Passage.  One of the most famous is perhaps Glacier Bay National Park at the northern end of the Inner Passage.  Misty Fjords National Monument is near the southern end of the Passage.  There is the Klondike National Historic Park and the Sitka National Historic Park on the outer fringe of the Passage.

You can even couple your cruise with a land tour to get an even better Alaskan experience. There are rail tours to the interior National Parks. Or perhaps your continuing Alaskan adventure would include a stay-over in Fairbanks to experience the gold rush frontier spirit.

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