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Alaska Cruise and Tours - THE best way to experience the marvelous Alaskan wilderness!

If you are looking for the best way to experience the wonders of Alaska, an Alaska cruise and tours is it! And Princess Cruise Lines has one of the best - if not the best - cruise tours packages available.

Princess Alaskan Cruises!

Alaskan cruises with Princess start from the ports in Los Angeles, Seattle or Vancouver. The two former ports generally cruise the inside passage to Alaska, and return south while still adjacent to the Alaskan coast at British Columbia. From Vancouver, the Ultimate Voyage of the Glaciers includes the inside passage, and then proceeds across the Gulf of Alaska to College Fjord and on to Whittier, Alaska where a fantastic land tour can begin!

Princess cruises to Alaska from Vancouver can therefore provide an even better look at Alaskan glaciers. There are actually more glaciers in College Fjord - which is beyond the limits of the U.S. starting port cruises - than in Glacier Bay. College Fjord is visited by Princess cruises during the Gulf of Alaska portion of your cruise.

Princess Alaska Tour begins!

From Whittier, your tour portion of the cruise-tour begins. You will be taken by Princess' luxury rail service to one of their inland lodges for further Alaskan exploration. The Princess glass topped rail cars pick you up at the cruise terminal and transport you in style! Their Alaskan Outfitters, (SM) will provide local host help and information while on board the train as well as at their fabulous cruise-tour lodges.

These custom built lodges provide Princess Cruisers an up close and personal experience of Alaska's interior wilderness beauty. Depending on the duration of your tour and your itinerary, you will stay in one or more of the five Princess lodges.


Princess Cruise-Tour Lodges!

The Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is the premier accommodation of their lodges right at the gates to Denali National Park.

The Mount McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge offers the closest view of the highest peak in North America of all Princess Lodges.

Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge offers access to Wrangell-St. Alias National Park the largest American park.

Stay at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge on the lovely Kenai Peninsula for a true Alaskan retreat.

Enjoy the frontier flavor of the Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge. Situated on the Chena River, this lodge's beautiful grounds take you to the water's edge.

One can also add a land tour including the Canadian Rockies, or an extended stay in Fairbanks, or Anchorage.

And of course, during your cruise portion, interesting and exciting shore excursions are available!

With Princess Alaskan Cruises and Tours, the combinations are almost limitless.

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