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Alaska cruise of the inner passage aboard small cruise ships for romantic getaways or adventure vacations!

An Alaska Cruise can mean taking one of the magnificent giant cruise ships that seat over 2,000 or a medium to small ship that may accommodate only a few passengers. The latter allows for a more intimate Alaska cruise and allows cruising much closer to shore for a better look at the many sites.  Both can provide just the right atmosphere for your romantic getaway or your adventure vacation!

Medium and small cruise ships can navigate some of the smaller ports where the large ships can't be provided for. This allows the travelers to experience some of the rarer works of aboriginal art as well as the history steeped traditions of these ports. There can be cultural changes from port to port on these Alaska cruise itineraries as well.

These smaller vessels also allow shallower draft sailing, bringing the passengers closer to the nature on shore. There is an abundance of wildlife in front of you as your cruise ship navigates the icy waters of the inner passage as you approach Alaska. This type of Alaska cruise is a must see for the nature lover.

Some of the small cruise ships have the extra advantage of having kayaks and small "zodiac" type watercraft aboard to allow getting even closer to nature. One such cruise line is Glacier Bay Cruiseline who call their ships SUV's - "Sport Utility Vessels"!

Other small and medium sized cruise ships are luxury vessels for that intimate and romantic getaway. Crystal cruises sails to Alaska with ships seating under 1,000 with luxury and elegance. Radisson Seven Seas has a 700 guest all suite, all balcony ship that makes the Alaska cruise trip in their special style as well.

What could be more romantic than the pristine vistas a cruise aboard a "sternwheeler" on an Alaska cruise can afford? American West Steamboat Company runs this type of romantic getaway!

There are the majestic glaciers flowing gently to the sea. You can view a crystal waterfall or a Kodiak bear. Whales are not uncommon nor are the magnificent eagles.

You can experience the history of the many ports-of-call available to you. There is the gold rush, and the Russian influence to explore. And of course there are always gifts and artwork available for sale at the ports.

You can even couple your cruise with a land tour to get an even better Alaskan experience. There are rail tours to the interior National Parks. Or perhaps a helicopter ride to a glacier is more to your adventurous liking.

Browse through some of the other Alaska cruise informative pages. You may even find a discount cruise or two to your liking. Then book your trip on-line and get excited!.


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