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A message from the editor

Over the past hundred years, cruising has evolved from a pass-time for the elite and a means of trans-continental travel to a very popular form of vacationing. For many people, once you have experienced your first cruise vacation, the "bug" has struck.

Cruising allows vacationers to visit a number of exotic ports on each vacation cruise. Witness nature as you can from no other venue. Re-visit history as you sail to some of the most significant and ancient cities of the world. Go back to the golden days of ocean liners with their sophisticated and elegant atmospheres. Or vacation on a cruise ship with the ultimate party atmosphere.

Our website will only be able to touch on a few of the seemingly endless array of cruises and cruise options. We will do our utmost to provide interesting, pertinent and current information. Please read our terms of use and privacy statements.

It may be obvious to you, in reading our articles, that my wife, Carol, and I have caught the "bug" - the cruise travel "bug". Although we have not taken hundreds of cruises over the last number of decades, we have enjoyed the immense pleasures of cruise travel and done many hours of research. We have even planned a family cruise vacation with our adult children - one of whom happens to be a cruise travel agent.

As a national mortgage center manager and an international construction manager, Carol and I try to offer a grassroots approach to cruises and cruising. Despite our busy schedules, we strive to add fresh new content as often as possible.

We are interested in your opinion about this site and its usefulness. Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions (or even complaints). We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Enjoy our cruise site!

Best regards,
Brian A Schmidt

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